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Here's what people are saying about our Mexitan products:

"I took two bottles of Mexitan sunblock (SPF 8 and 15) with me to Mexico. I have medium skin and my problem isn't so much sunburn but it's that I have a horrible allergic reaction to the chemicals in traditional sunblock. For the first time in 17 years, I enjoyed my vacation allergy, rash, itch and pain free. Your products will accompany me on every sun-filled vacation from here on out."
Mimi Yorks

"AT LAST! A suntan product without any harsh chemicals. The ingredients in Mexitan are well known to me for their capacity to regenerate cells. Furthermore, the benefits of green tea is well known. I experienced myself the great tanning effects, even so the skin remains moist and soft."
Dr. Gabriele Boerner, M.D.

"I dealt with a severe skin problem that was caused by the chemicals in suntan accelerators. Nothing helped. Doctor Gabriele Boerner suggested I apply Mexitan Suntan Oil. Within weeks the condition was dramatically improved."
Sally Jones

"For years I have been allergic to suntan products. I used Mexitan. For the first time ever I did not have a reaction. I am very pleased."
Rose Gilmore

"I'm a Floridian. I've tried lots of suntan products. Mexitan is #1. I fish on weekends, my golden tan does not fade during the week and there is no oily build up which interferes with fishing and boating. After all, Florida lifestyle is about catching the biggest fish and having the darkest tan, right? Thanks, Mexitan.
Suzy Knapp

"My mother suffered from an extreme case of dry and irritated skin. I suggested she try Mexitan Suntan Oil because it is such a remarkable moisturizer. Within weeks her condition had drastically improved."
Marsha Bush

"I am Mexitan's #1 fan. Never have I had a tan so golden and skin so soft. Everywhere I go everyone compliments my tan. Recently I went to the Caribbean. People came up to me and wanted to buy my Mexitan!"
Rae Skandaliaris

"I work in concrete every day. My hands and arms were so damaged from the lime in the concrete that they were covered with a dry, red rash that was so bad it bled. My doctor said I had to find a new job. I heard about Mexitan Moisturizer and in desperation tried it. My rash is totally gone and my skin is remarkably moist.
Bruce Carrier

"I wanted to drop you a line concerning the Mexitan product that we were fortunate to come across while in Florida. My wife, Jane and I used it extensively during our 2 week stay and found it to be the best tanning product we've ever used. It seemed the unique ingredients provided UV protection as well as tan enhancement that followed for excellent results. Can't wait to see it on the shelves here in Canada!"
Ron Murphy




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